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We can help protect your rights during investigation and prosecution

Facing any type of criminal charge is an ordeal for most people, especially for those unfamiliar with the court system. But an experienced criminal defense attorney can help remove some of this stress and uncertainty by advising you what to expect throughout the criminal process. Moreover, a seasoned San Francisco lawyer can hold prosecutors and police accountable for violations of your rights and can identify weaknesses in the case against you to force a dismissal or favorable plea bargain. Our team at The Law Offices of E. Thomas Dunn, Jr. includes one of only seven attorneys in the entire state certified as a specialist in both criminal law and appeals. This means that we have the skill and knowledge to stay with your case from start to finish — past trial and on to appeal, if necessary.

Our Northern California criminal defense practice

Our attorneys at The Law Offices of E. Thomas Dunn, Jr. represent individuals in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area who are being prosecuted or investigated for most types of crime — from serious felonies to summary traffic offenses.

  • DUI —Driving under the influence is a dangerous practice and a serious crime that can ruin your life and career without a zealous DUI defense
  • Traffic violations — While generally minor offenses, traffic violations can be devastating to commercial drivers and can have substantial liability implications if stemming from an auto accident
  • Domestic violence — Charges of domestic violence can carry serious penalties. Moreover, they can damage your reputation and have a substantial impact on custody and divorce proceedings
  • Sex crimes — Few offenses carry the same degree of social stigma as sex crimes. We help clients defend themselves against these life-altering allegations
  • Robbery — As a violent felony, a robbery charge carries serious penalties including lengthy incarceration and is entitled to a vigorous defense
  • Drug related charges — Common among college students and young people, possession and other drug related charges can have a significant adverse impact on your future
  • Assault and battery — A bar fight or other altercation can quickly turn into a significant criminal charge. If you are facing assault and battery charges, it is important to have experienced representation on your side
  • Expungement — Even after you have served your time, having a conviction on your record can seriously limit your employment prospects. Obtaining expungement can allow you to honestly report on employment and other non-government applications that you have no convictions
  • Burglary — In California, burglary is a serious and broadly defined crime. Those so accused need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect their rights
  • Probation — Just because you have been paroled from prison or managed to avoid incarceration altogether through a sentence of probation does not mean you are off the hook. Parole and probation violations are serious crimes in their own right
  • Warrants — When there are outstanding warrants against you, you live under the constant threat of arrest. Our San Francisco attorneys can help you deal with arrest warrants, bench warrants and others to obtain peace of mind

While we maintain an expansive and comprehensive criminal defense practice in Northern California, there are some charges — such as white collar crime — our attorneys generally do not handle. In such cases, we are happy to discuss the generalities of the criminal process and, if possible, provide a referral to a San Francisco lawyer who handles such cases.

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Our team of dedicated attorneys at The Law Offices of E. Thomas Dunn, Jr. has zealously defended clients throughout the San Francisco area from all manner of criminal charges. Call us today at 714.258.8829 or contact us online to arrange a free one-hour consultation to review your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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