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California Lawyers Seeking Justice for Those Accused of Constitutional Violations

We fight for your fundamental rights in state and federal courts

The United States Constitution — and by extension the constitutions of our individual states — represents the clearest expression of the fundamental rights we enjoy as citizens and as human beings. But while these rights are supposed to be inherent and inalienable, in practice it is often necessary for attorneys to rise to their defense. As advocates who are dedicated to constitutional rights, our attorneys at The Law Offices of E. Thomas Dunn, Jr. have fought for those who have been denied rights through the criminal process as well as those who have seen their basic freedoms curtailed by government action. Our team — which includes one of only seven attorneys in the state dual certified in criminal and appellate law — zealously fights for these rights and freedoms in both state and federal appellate courts.

Constitutional rights violations in criminal proceedings

A great deal of constitutional law centers on the Bill of Rights and how it affects the criminal process.

  • The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches of your person or property
  • The Fifth Amendment protects you from being forced to incriminate yourself and entitles you to due process of law
  • The Sixth amendment entitles you to a speedy and public trial, the ability to confront the witnesses against you and the effective assistance of counsel throughout

A conviction obtained in violation of any of these cannot stand. Our attorneys thoroughly review the conduct of your trial to determine what relief may be available. We have had marked success pursuing criminal appeals as well as petitions for a writ of habeas corpus on behalf of incarcerated or otherwise convicted clients throughout the state.

Vindicating constitutional violations through civil action

Even outside the criminal context, free speech violations and other denials of fundamental rights deserve redress in court. Our attorneys are proud to play a part in shaping the law of the land regarding various constitutional issues:

  • Free speech and assembly
  • Due process in the deprivation of property or benefits
  • The right to keep and bear arms
  • Unreasonable state invasion of privacy
  • Equal protection under the law
  • Free exercise of religion
  • Non-establishment of religion

As appellate advocates, we fully appreciate the gravity of what we do. By helping clients fight constitutional violations in state and federal appellate courts, we are helping to shape the very meaning of the Constitution. But we always remember that we represent people first.

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